Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why this Name, and Red Sun

Well, Since this is the first post for me on this Blog, I will make comment on the name of my Blog.

The digital lens art thing is only . . . . . "yes, that is an available name" thing. Other than that it would have been a way cooler name. But, ah who cares anyway, this is just a way to share stuff with people who don't know my work, 'cause we can't all do work for National Geographic, or other big name outfits . . . and some of us don't want to anyway.

In General:

I use a Camera, in most cases only as a jumping off point. To me it is not a recorder of events, though it may look like that is what I am doing, that is not the intention. The camera captures only something to use as a place to start. After that it is all manipulation, until I get to a place, where the feeling that "I" am trying to create comes through, at least for me. The emotional content is the end goal for me, be it a simple black and white shot of a barn, or a completely digital creation with no relationship to anything other that what is in my head. The purpose is the same, an outlet for my creative energies,  and I learned long ago that I had to get those out of me in some way or I was not "complete" and just started feeling bad.

So I will start showing images here, for you all to look at, some may interest you enough to comment on . . . good then. Positive or negative it doesn't matter, bad language or abuse does, An Will Be Removed other than that go for it.
First image is digital completely, no camera involved, it is large and was created during a short set of days when I felt somewhat sad . . . for no reason, but sad none-the-less. It became part of a series called Red Sun . . . . . the reason will be obvious. As I learn how to link to larger versions, you will then be able to see the detail that is so lacking in low resolution images . . . . . The Bane of the web.

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